Smoke Damage Restoration After A Garage Incident In Florida

By Stephen Rone

Recently, a teenager almost set his house on fire while conducting a science experiment in the garage. A massive cloud of smoke could be viewed from the outside, but fortunately, there was no fire. However, the area he was conducting the experiment from sustained severe smoke damage, and some of the items had to be replaced.

Smoke is deadly to humans and can be extremely toxic after extinguishing the fire. Some people call this fire tetrahedron – a very adverse reaction that produces several chemical and elemental byproducts. It is important to neutralize the contaminated items to avoid rapid degradation of composite materials and metals.

A smoke damage restoration company is the best option for this. Professional restorers are conversant with IICRC recommendations and have access to efficient tools and products to do the job. They are highly skilled in dealing with the following types of smokes that may occur in a garage fire:

• Dry smoke: This kind of smoke is created when a fire reaches high temperatures. It has a fine, powdery consistency, which makes it easy to clean off of solid surfaces. However, dry smoke can be difficult to deal with when it penetrates porous surfaces or small cracks, where it may also produce musky smoke odors.

• Wet smoke: Wet smoke occurs in a slow, low-temperature fire. It can create a thick, greasy film of residue on surfaces, leading to damages and heavy smoke odors. Wet smoke is the most stubborn to clean up from structures and their contents.

• Petroleum smoke: Petroleum smoke results from the combustion of oils or oil-based substances. You can easily identify it from its dark appearance. It can stain and discolor any material with which it comes into contact. The restorers can clean it off using a degreasing agent.

• Protein smoke: If there was food in the garage before the fire broke out, it could result in some protein smoke. This kind of smoke is created by burning food or other organic materials. It has a virtually invisible, but easy to feel soot. Although it is light in color, it can permanently discolor wood surfaces and produce incredibly overwhelming odors.

Smoke damage restoration is a long and laborious task that involves a combination of different products and techniques. Consulting a smoke damage restoration company in Florida can help return your garage to normal conditions quicker than you can say Quidditch. Choose a trusted, local company that you can count on in an emergency situation.


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